Office du Complexe Olympique (OCO)/Olympic Complex Authority (OCO)/Ministère de la Culture, de la Jeunesse, des Sports et des Relations avec le Parlement (MCJSRP)

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Organization name Office du Complexe Olympique (OCO)/Olympic Complex Authority (OCO)/Ministère de la Culture, de la Jeunesse, des Sports et des Relations avec le Parlement (MCJSRP)
Country of operations Mauritania
Description In the name of God, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of God, and after that, through this brief word, I would like to clarify and clarify matters related to the Olympic Complex Authority, reality, vision and ambition … The Olympic Complex Authority is the largest incubator institution for various sports and youth events at the national level, which makes it receive great attention From the authorities in general and the trustee sector in particular, which was translated by the recent classifications of the Confederation of African Football, by adopting the Olympic Stadium in Nouakchott, among the few stadiums qualified to host the World Cup qualifiers in the African region. We, as a general administration of the Authority, seek to provide all sports at the level of the institution, and download programming and studying the establishment of the Olympic swimming pool in the same context, as well as developing basketball, handball and volleyball courts and providing them with the necessary equipment Based on the principle of preserving and developing the existing and striving to obtain everything that would improve and develop the institution to respond to the aspirations and requirements of all citizens with their different hobbies and abilities in the field of sports. As for the medium term, the public administration aspires to make the Olympic complex a distinguished sports pole and a pioneer of modernity in the region, which is within reach in light of the support and encouragement of the sector and the directives of the government under the enlightened leadership of His Excellency the President of the Republic, who considers sport a priority, and there is no doubt that His Excellency will personally attend to hand over the cup. At the Olympic Complex Stadium on the twenty-fourth of last July, as evidence of the adoption and encouragement of national sports. Given its geographical location and urban structure, the Olympic complex in Nouakchott is considered the most important stronghold of sports in the country. In the end, I do not miss to mention the importance of developing and expanding the hotel to be more accommodating and provide better service. We hope that we will succeed, even if we put blocks in the right direction, to make this body in the prestigious position that the sports family in general and the higher authorities in the country seek in particular. In this context, the general administration of the body works to create an atmosphere of cooperation by encouraging team work and the spirit of initiative Where it listens and studies all the ideas and proposals presented by the executives and collaborators, consults the old members of the authority and benefits from their experiences in order to achieve high aspirations that will advance the authority, sports and youth life in general, away from backward manifestations such as exclusion and marginalization. In the end, I cannot express my sincere thanks and great gratitude to the sports fans, and inform them that the doors of the offices are open in front of them, and whoever has a proposal or ideas in this direction is taken into account and greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone and may God's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you.
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Name Mr. Ould Brahim Mohamed
Title Director General
Address Mohamed Lehib (Rue BMCI –Mauritanie Couleur) l’immeuble en face à l’école El Mohammedya (3ieme Etage), Nouakchott-Mauritanie ,Nouakchott
Phone +222 33968887 +222 33749671 +222 46750090

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