Ministry of Health (MOH)

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Organization name Ministry of Health (MOH)
Country of operations Iraq
Description Ministry of Health is a government body established in 1920 in Baghdad that is responsible for the health sectors in the Republic of Iraq. MOH is composed of various structures such as the Administrative Agent’s Office, the Office of the National Counsellor for Mental Health, the Inspection Department, the Public Health Department, and many others. The Ministry is directly responsible for the health sector in Iraq, including building public hospitals, appointing doctors, and providing medical services to citizens during both normal and emergency situations. The Public Health Department oversees the work of the provincial departments which are responsible for all the country’s health facilities. MOH is mainly responsible for ensuring health and safety requirements for all citizens and has significantly developed health services by increasing the number of consulting and service centers throughout the country. The Iraqi people, hospitals, and medical centers have suffered from wars and destruction but despite all these circumstances, MOH and its staff have been able to provide the best services to Iraqi citizens. MOH of Iraq is specialized in Public Administration, Policy Framework, Health Care, Civil Engineering, Environment Management, Emergency Situations, Education & Research, Pharmaceuticals, Social Development, etc.
Type of buyer Government Organization
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Name Mr. mohammed abduljabbar ms. duha emad wali
Title programmer
Address Baghdad-Iraq,Baghdad
Phone +9647717387836

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