Competitiveness and Economic Growth Support Programme (PACCE) I, II et III - Project Completion Report (PCR)
The PACCE (I, II, and III) aims at supporting the implementation of the Growth and Employment Strategy Paper (GESP) 2010-2020 and the Three-Year Emergency Plan (PLANUT) which aimed at accelerating growth, reducing unemployment, and alleviating the incidence of poverty. It is also aligned with the Bank's CSP (2015-2020, extended to 2022) which is based on two pillars, namely: (i) strengthening infrastructure for inclusive and sustainable growth, and (ii) strengthening governance for the effectiveness and sustainability of structural investments. To this end, the programme's objectives were to: (i) consolidate the State's budgetary position through the rationalisation of public spending in order to create the budgetary margins needed to finance priority investments; (ii) create the conditions for sustainable and inclusive growth through the strengthening of governance and the competitiveness of the productive sectors by improving the efficiency and quality of road and energy infrastructure; and (iii) strengthen the legal, regulatory, and institutional environment.